I have always loved to code, from ignoring math class in high school to program on the calculator, making websites for years, as well as having learned and used Java, Maple, MATLAB, Python, C, and am currently learning to develop for Android.

The triathlon bug hit me around 2008, I trained my way up to an IronMan and then promptly broke half my body in a skiing accident, hence the name.

In between all this I studied mathematics at Simon Fraser University and Queen's University, learning a language to discuss string theory in rigorous terms, teaching some great undergrads, as well as traveling the world -- Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, Louisiana as well as neighbouring local cities -- for opportunities to collaborate.


  • Stack Overflow for coding questions, problems and solutions (including Android);
  • Android Stackexchange for Android specific issues;
  • Software Engineering Stackexchange for, you guessed it, more software design questions;
  • Udemy for many easy to follow video based courses to learn about a new language (though you should still have a nice rigorous book as well, to get a thorough understanding of the nuts and bolts behind each language).
  • One of the best ways to learn is to do, so learning to code a webpage? Make a webpage! Learning to code software in C/Java/the Android SDK? Write some code, debug it until it compiles, and learn along the way! While Hello World! is a bit too simple, and a lot of simple looking options out there are far more difficult once you start trying to work it out, there are many great resources to find accessible problems of varying difficulty. For example,
    • For web development, many universities have courses with assignments listed throughout the semester, e.g., Wellesley
    • For software design, many universities have course pages as well, but another great list discussing different languages can be found here.
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